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Ed Catmull from Pixar & Disney | #StefanVetterShow, Episode 3.

How will artificial intelligence influence filmmaking?

I had the privilege to ask this question to Ed Catmull, co-founder and president of Disney Pixar, at this year’s WORLDWEBFORUM in Zurich.

Ed built up Pixar alongside Steve Jobs and John Lasseter. Pixar was aquired in 2006 by Disney for $7.4 billion. Since then, Ed Catmull serves as president for both Pixar and Disney Animation. Read More

Toni Schneider from WordPress & True Ventures | The #StefanVetterShow, Episode 2

What could Switzerland learn from Silicon Valley – and vice versa? How far has Switzerland come as a technology hub in terms of digital transformation?

I asked Toni Schneider these questions, amongst others, at the WORLD­WEB­FORUM in Zürich. Toni was the CEO of Automattic, the company behind WordPress, for 8 years. Right now WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS and powers nearly every third website – including this one.

As a partner in the Silicon Valley VC True Ventures Toni invests in startups such as Fitbit und Bandcamp.

Toni is a Swiss national and grew up in Meilen and Stäfa. After completing his studies at secondary school he worked for a year as a DJ for Radio Zürisee. Now he lives in California, where he studied at Santa Barbara City College and Stanford University.

I conducted the interview in Toni’s native Swiss German (I have provided subtitles in English 😉).

Here is the interview in it’s entirety: Read More