Stefan Vetter

Hi, I’m Stefan, founder at Friendly and Wortspiel.

Some things:

  • I founded a Swiss software company called Friendly. Friendly provides software for companies who want their data to remain in Switzerland.
  • I have an exist strategy, not an exit strategy.
  • Friendly is the first Open Startup in Switzerland. This means that we publish everything if nothing speaks against it: revenues, costs, salaries and even employment contracts. Some people think that’s great. Others find it stupid. That’s okay for me.
  • I’m also the founder of Wortspiel, a Swiss digital marketing agency. Wortspiel does things for companies like WordPress, Migros and Swisscom.
  • I wrote a few things. About “insights” from five years at Wortspiel, getting to $1 000 and $10 000 MRR at Friendly and why we don’t want investors. And a couple of years in review. And a book.
  • Some media have reported about me. Among them were the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, the Handelszeitung and the Swiss magazine persönlich. That was very nice of them.
  • I am a proud father of two daughters.
  • I have an email address. I do not manage to reply to every message. Please do not be disappointed.