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Lessons Learnt from 5 PPC Advert Fails

A properly executed PPC marketing strategy is an effective and irresistible way for businesses to gain website traffic. Successful PPC adverts can pique instant curiosity in potential customers and generate new traffic quickly. They can reach widespread audiences and help consumers find the exact products and services they desire. Businesses use carefully chosen keywords, headlines, […]

Your Digital Marketing Road-Map (Infographic)

What is your road map for digital marketing in 2014? Does your website already offer a great user experience? Is your web analytics on the road? Do you consider content marketing, search ads, mobile apps and social media?  Two Legit Agency shared a great infographic that presents key elements of a digital marketing plan mapped into a landscape which could serve […]

How To Build a Brand of Awesomeness (Infographic)

For most products you have the choice between many options; most of them are quite similar. What sets them apart, is a strong brand that incorporates the values, strengths and vision of your company. But how to create a brand that really stands out from the competition? The key is to focus on goals, not […]

The Top 20 Most Expensive Keywords in Google AdWords Advertising

Google AdWords advertising service accounts for a large portion of the company’s stunning revenues. In the last quarter of 2013, Google earned USD 10,6 billion with AdWords Search, and USD 16,9 billion overall. The following keywords are the most expensive and thus, most profitable for Google:

SnapchatDB: My Interview with the people behind the Snapchat Hack, Publishing Information of 4,6 Mio Users

Recently, famous instant messaging service Snapchat was hacked, resulting in the public release of the information of 4.6 Million users on a website called (currently offline, view in Google Cache).  I conducted an interview via Bitmessage with the authors of the hack, asking for their motivation and their view on privacy in social networks […]